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There are 126316 of sales, 6671 of reviews, 185838 of favorites recorded for this shop since the first sale was received at 2013-08-24. By the sales, reviews and favorites, the shop ranks in top 96, 1205, 375 places accordingly, which is better than 99.99% other shops.
Embroitique most known in 1 categories: Patterns & How To ,
In almost 8.1 years, they have produced total 6671 reviews, average 823 reviews per year. There were approx. 555 of reviews recorded for every month, and we noticed that Embroitique received most sales in December, which was a 127% increase compared to other months. During December the shop generated 13406 sales from total of 126316 sales, which is almost 10.61%.
Compared to current year to the last year results in same period, we can see that shop review count per year decreased by 19 which is 100% less.

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southpassbeads 122,400 24,942
OliverAndMay 116,172 12,381
boutiquefonts 114,252 7,469

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